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Company Spotlight

Common Ground Iowa would like to take a moment to showcase someone who exemplifies what it means to use safety and prevention measures everyday in their job. Congratulations, Jeremy Feldmann on being a great example for others to follow.

  1. Name and position:
    Jeremy Feldmann, President and owner of J & K Contracting LLC.
  2. What type of work do you do:
    We install underground utilities such as water and sewer.
  3. Can you give me an example of something you have done using damage prevention measures:
    We have potholed and located utilities before actual excavation begins. We are very cautious to make sure this happens before we begin.
  4. Do others in your industry follow your example?
    Many don't. It can be very costly to put in upfront cost, but well worth it in the end.
  5. How has Common Ground Iowa helped make you more aware of the issues around safety and educated you and you company to be safer?
    Yes, It is very helpful to see what other measures are taking place, along with pushing hard to get your message out there, as well as, policing the installation of utilities. CGI has helped make that happen for us.
  6. Are you a member of CGI?
  7. Have you attended any events?
    Yes, three different round tables and events.
  8. What can CGI do to help you get more information on a day-to-day basis to you, your staff or customers about calling before you dig?
    History of what has happened, to know any recent incidents would be great for us.
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